Boy, have I been busy!

Happy Saturday. I've been so busy this week. I had to take my mom to radiation 3 days in a row for about 2 1/2 each day. That is rigorous and tiring--for both of us. I did get some of my swaps done while waiting for her. At home I've been working on swaps too. I plan to make about 250 items for Convention. Most will be card swaps, but I also plan to make 3D items and I'm in several different events that require me to make stuff to share.
 Last night when I was working on my swaps I discovered something neat. I stamped the star shaped flower from Flower Fest and punched it out. After looking at it for a minute I thought, "Why not?" and used the Boho Blossom punch to punch out the centers. It looks like a completely new stamped flower. What do you think?


I'm finally able to access the pictures on my camera thanks to DH. Here are the word plaques I made for my friend, Celia a few weeks ago. I think they turned out nice. She likes them a lot. Sorry the pictures aren't the best quality.


And finally, here is the graduation present I made for my son's girlfriend, Lexi. She is in Army bootcamp now. She says she loves it. She signed up for the National Guard, but likes it so much that she wants to be full time active duty.   
Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with stamping fun.                                                                             

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  1. What a great idea with the flowers! Found you from the LinkedIn Blog discussion.