I spent a lot of time yesterday working on this diamond fold card. They are also called Spring fold cards. It was a little tricky at first, but once I played with it a few times I got it down pat. The hardest part was finding a tutorial that didn't use metric measurements. Here' a link to a good one:
Sorry about the way the pictures are arranged, I'm still trying to figure out this blog thing.

They are really fun to play with and are a big WOW at a workshop. I've seen another style using this technique where the diamond is on the far left side. I haven't found a tutorial for that one yet. When I do, I'll share the link to it.

I did find one that has the diamond on top and made one with copy paper. It's not too hard. NOTE: You really need a Scor-pal to make these cards or better yet, the new scoring board by Martha Stewart. I bought one of those a few weeks ago and I just LOVE it. It has score lines every quarter of an inch so it's very versatile.

I have a workshop on Thursday night at a friend's house. I'm so nervous because this is my first real workshop. It's a mother/daughter theme and so far 8 people are coming. That's a good turn out and there may be a few more. I hope I do well and that everyone has a good time learning how to make a card.

Today I took the other 2 mutts to the vet. Shadow didn't like getting into the van and it took three tries before we finally got her to stay. The actual ride was uneventful. Josh fell on his bad hip getting out of the van. I felt so sorry for him. The vet gave us some medicine to help with the swelling and pain. My son, John, went with me today and that helped a lot.